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Blind Youth Association is an organisation establish by the Blind and Partially Sighted Youth of Nepal. With the vision of ‘BPS people of Nepal enjoying dignified life in an inclusive society’ BYAN is currently working in the area of policy advocacy, education, employment disaster risk reduction and health and SRHR of persons with disabilities in general and BPS in particular.  While we move ahead to better realise the rights of BPS persons in Nepal, we will keep doing our current work while giving more stress on the SRHR of by incorporating all categories of persons with disabilities as this area and associated issue are unexplored one and need more attention. This strategy plan has been prepared as our written commitment put forward to our target group. This plan that outlines our future direction until 2025, has its focus in six different thematic areas with specific strategic objectives.  These include organisational development, policy advocacy, quality education, health rights with focus on SRHR, employment and disaster risk reduction. BYAN is much hopeful that there will be good cooperation, support and contribution both from its existing and potential supporting partners while putting things into practice for the wider benefits of persons with disabilities in general and BPS in particular.

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